Sunday, October 26, 2014

Call it a life update

Sophomore year has been a beautiful mess so far.

My grades have been lower than I'd like in some classes, but I'm just too happy with where I am right now to care. For once I have a set group of friends who care about each other and are just really lovely people. I've also met some new people and that makes me happy as well.

Four of my best friends started a Young Feminists club at school and the reception towards it has been incredible. There were a few gross boys who talk shit about it when we're around but I can literally count the number of them on one hand, so it's not really an issue. We get at least 20 people at each meeting, both girls and boys. Even though it's not my club it just makes me really happy to see such an important thing being accepted and my friends' hard work paying off. Our principal also let us march in our school's Homecoming parade, which was a huge honor.

On Friday afternoon I went to my friend Skylar's apartment and we helped my other friend with her Sadie Hawkins proposal. The boy she asked is a black belt in TaeKwon Do, so her sign read "TaeKwon Go with me to Sadies?" It was the cutest thing. He said yes of course.
After our friend Ava arrived, we went out on the apartment building's balcony and took some absolutely gorgeous pictures.

 Song of the Day // Antichrist by The 1975

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