Monday, May 18, 2015

I'll do that thing for 3 retweets

The people I've met this past year have been some of the most beautiful people I think I'll ever encounter. 

This past Saturday was such an awesome day. After I got out of my camp counselor orientation meeting, I met up with a big group of friends at one of the parks downtown. This weekend was a big arts fair so there was a lot of cool things going on. I ended up doing absolutely none of them. 

Trust me when I say this: hanging out by the pool, on the 23rd floor of a skyscraper, during sunset, is so beautiful. Add some chill music blasting from a bluetooth speaker and everything is perfection.   

I still have a very distinct image in my head of Break on Through by The Doors coming on and our friend Jorge just breaks out into this majestic dance out of nowhere. It was so great. 

There were a lot of things going on at once. Some people were in the pool, some were riding around on each others skateboards, Ava was giving people henna tattoo's, Hunter was making little watercolor paintings in her sketch pad, and some had gone back inside the club room to play pool. It was a 10/10 evening. 

Once the sun started to really go down, everyone started to get hungry. So, we all headed out onto the town in search of good food. After getting rejected by the diner we had originally intended to eat at, we returned to the park we all met up in earlier and simply ordered pizza from a local joint. While we waited out the 45 minutes it would take for the pizza to arrive, we milled around the park messing with the art festival stuff that was still up. 
At one point, a very intoxicated man approached us and started telling us about how all of us are going to part ways one day and all of our little arguments will mean nothing and thats all I could get out of his psychobabble. I actually had three encounters like that on that day. 

The first being a homeless man approaching me on my way out of my meeting and asking for some money. Then he paused, shook my hand, and thanked me for not being afraid of him. That one really struck me. 
The second were two kind of sketchy looking guys that had approached us on our way to the diner, they then passed us while we were standing in front of the diner and I don't remember how it got to this, but one of them did a little funny dance and was about to go on his way when Jorge jumped in with his awesome dance moves and the two of them ended up doing this funny dance number together. The guy was so happy and surprised that he was still laughing on his way back to his friend. 
Then the third was the aforementioned intoxicated guy. 

Once the pizza got there, we slipped away from the guy and went over to the picnic area next to the children's museum to eat our dinner. We spent the rest of the night finishing up our meal and hanging around by the brick wall that lines the picnic area. 
I realize I was scarce with the details, but it truly was a fantastic night. I got to hang out with my close friends and some new ones. It really was a great mix. (I also just needed an excuse to post these photos lol)

Favorite Song // Chance the Rapper

Saturday, May 16, 2015

A Bit of a Mess

The other night I listened to an audio clip of Kurt Cobain singing "And I Love Her" to his daughter. That's when it dawned on me. 

How crazy is it that human beings have to power to actually capture bits and pieces of life??

I mean think about that. Thats INSANE. Old pictures, audio bits, videos, etc. are all things that have happened at one point or another in somebody's life and we have taken that bit of human existence and captured and preserved it. That single moment will last for basically forever. 

That absolutely blows my mind.


A week in songs:

Sunday Morning // Velvet Underground
Monday Morning // Fleetwood Mac
Tuesday's Gone // Lynyrd Skynyrd 
Wednesday Morning, 3 am // Simon and Garfunkel 
Thursday's Child // David Bowie 
Friday I'm In Love // The Cure
Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting // Elton John 

* All photos from my Tumblr. I don't claim ownership to any of them 

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