Thursday, May 29, 2014

We're almost there (summer I mean)

I don't really have that much to talk about. Despite it being the last week of normal classes before exams, this week was really boring.
I don't even remember much of what I did, except for Wednesday when I hung out with some friends while they played D&D and we had to awkwardly try to not pay attention to our friend breaking up with her girlfriend in the background. There was also the senior assembly. During which the rest of the school is forced to listen to a handful of seniors make some speeches or sing, and then watch more get handed scholarships. It still hasn't hit me that I won't be seeing two of my best friends next year. But Aidan's going to school in state and Cam is going to school in town, so I suppose that's pretty good. But even the seniors that I'm not best friends with or am just getting to know, like Day, aren't going to be around anymore.
But instead of talking about things that make me sad, I'm just going to post things from my tumblr and talk about things that are nice instead. \\


I absolutely must talk about this movie. Midnight in Paris: directed by Woody Allen. This is literally my most favorite movie of all time. My mom made me watch it with her some years ago and I just fell in love. Just with the whole idea of it. The 1920's, great american novelists, Paris, being unhappy with life, falling in love, etc. The whole aesthetic of the movie is just absolutely gorgeous. I hadn't watched it for some time, until recently somebody asked what my favorite movies were and Midnight in Paris came to mind. But I doubted myself after saying it because I honestly couldn't remember if it really was THAT great, or if I had just hyped it up in my mind. But nope, I went back and watched it two nights ago and my subconscious was right. It's an absolutely wonderful movie. I highly recommend to any and everybody. 

The above is a genius movie entitled Scott Pilgrim vs. The World (directed Edgar Wright, who I just found out directed Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World's End !!). If you aren't at least amused by this movie, I don't understand you. I realized the other day that if, for some reason, making/directing movies doesn't work out for me, I'd love to be the person in charge of the soundtracks. I have a wonderful obsession with movie soundtracks. Some gorgeous ones include, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, any Wes Anderson movie ever, Midnight in Paris, The Great Gatsby, Silver Linings Playbook, Perks of Being a Wallflower, and Forrest Gump. Not counting musicals. 
They bring me joy.  

I think the last thing I'm going to talk about is one of my favorite TV shows. My Mad Fat Diary. It's a British show, and it focuses on a girl named Rae who has a lot of depression/anxiety and serious self-esteem issues. It sound depressing, but I love it because it's such an honest show. It really shows how awful it is living with this stuff and it doesn't sugarcoat anything. But at the same time Rae is just a normal teenage girl, so of course it also talks about friend, family and boy troubles, and in some cases lack there-of. There are some moments that made me smile at my computer and there are even some moments where I cried. It's such a wonderfully made show though. Please watch it. 
Also the cast is freaking gorgeous. Look at these people, damn:

Anyways, here's a playlist from 8tracks that I've been obsessed with lately. Enjoy!

Monday, May 26, 2014

What a Weekend

Let's start with Friday afternoon. 

After school let out on Friday, I had plans with Maggie to go to our favorite record store. It ended up being the two of us, plus Ellie, Izzy, 'Taylor-the-senior', and Dinklecamp (he has a first name too, but his last name is so perfect I'm going to use that instead). We all piled into Taylor's car and drove down the street to the record place. This store has to be one of my favorite places in town. It's within walking distance from my school, which makes it even more perfect. It's located in the basement of this other building and you can only get in through the back door. I believe I wrote about it in one of my other posts. This time when we went in, one of Kirk's friends had brought their dog with him. Her name was Waffle and I'm pretty sure she was the sweetest dog I have ever met. The entire time she followed us around the store and was constantly jumping and licking on us. At one point, Izzy was so in love with her that she just picked Waffle's up and carried her around the store over her shoulder.
The original point of going to the store was to buy one of the 'mystery boxes' which are essentially just beer boxes filled with random vinyl. We knew that that's where all the unwanted records went, but they were only five bucks a box, so Maggie and I bought one. There was a lot of Broadway stuff in it.

 Once we were all through in there, Taylor drove Ellie and I back to the park next to school. We met Matt, who was with some people we had never seen before. They turned out to be friends of our friend Mason. I noticed one of the girls had self harm scars all down her thighs. They left pretty quickly though, which left Matt, Ellie, and I at a loss of what to do. We ended up playing frisbee with a guy from school named Ian and his friend. Which was nice, but also sucked because I'm absolutely terrible at frisbee and Ian is one of those people that you always feel the need to be cool around. Luckily, Aidan passed through the park, and I got to go and talk to him instead. By the time Aidan and I were finished talking Ian was leaving, so my friends and I went on our merry way. By that I mean we watched some kids from another school play football and then we laid in the grass and stared at a cloud that looked exactly like a dragon.


 Now onto Saturday. 

The first part of the day I went to the pool with Ellie, Matt, and Max. It was a nice time and Ellie let me borrow her 'X-men: Days of Future Past' comic.
Then right after, I went to Skylar's house for our sleepover/concert adventure. Skylar had the most gorgeous place I've ever been in. She lives in a huge apartment building right in the middle of downtown. Inside, half of the wall space is just window glass that looks over past of downtown. Her apartment is pretty high up, so it feels like you're living in the sky. Same with her bedroom. The wall next to her bed is just window. It's absolutely gorgeous at night.

 Anyways, I got there and she brought me onto the balcony of the rec room where everyone else (Brinn, Emma, Hunter, Logan, and Malik) were sitting and eating pizza. We sat and talked for a bit and then dipped our feet in the pool for a few minutes. Then, since Skylar has an obsession with group pictures, we got some random apartment resident to take out picture. We then headed out to the concert.
The venue was just a few blocks from the apartment, so we got to walk through downtown for a bit. That day was also the local 'comic-con/anime-con' thing, so I spotted a lot of random people in cosplay. Some of them were pretty impressive too. I should probably mention that the band we were going to see was Neon Trees. Along with the openers Nightmare & the Cat and Smallpools.

This building was right next to the venue. I wonder what it was.

Graffiti on the venue

I'll skip all the waiting in line nonsense and get right to the concert. We got in, bought some merch, and headed straight for the stage. We got pretty close too, which is always nice. After a bit, the lights dimmed and the music began.

Nightmare & the Cat-  Small band, but really good. The lead singer was absolutely gorgeous. At one point, I heard Hunter go "He's so pretty!!" I was just in awe of his gorgeousness the entire time (that includes his voice too). They also had a girl guitarist, who looked like she belonged at Coachella. She was wonderful.  

Smallpools- This group is actually pretty well known. They come up on my 8tracks all the time, and they've been on plenty of late night talk shows. You've probably heard 'Mason Jar' or 'Dreaming' at some point. My friends didn't really like them very much though, which is a shame. At one point, they through these inflatable killer whales into the audience. The were spray painted gold on some parts and said 'smallpools' across one side. Malik caught one. But holy shit, they cranked their bass up so much, it physically hurt. Not in a good way.

Neon Trees- Holy shit you guys. This band is so, so incredibly good live. I can't even begin to describe. Tyler Glenn sounds exactly the same in person as he does on all of their records. His dance moves are fabulous as well. There was one point where he crowd surfed, and while everyone was rushing to try and touch him, Skylar and I made a run for the very front row. We didn't get close enough to touch the stage, but we got close enough that Tyler was within arms reach. It was beautiful. Then, just as you thought the concert was over, they started inflating this giant brain that looked like the one of their new album. Once it was completely pumped up, they started playing 'Where is my Mind?' by the Pixies. It was so perfect. I also got to touch the keyboardists hand. He isn't Tyler or Elaine, but he's still cool.

The only problem I had at the concert was, since the bass was turned up so much, I actually got physically sick at one point. It was actually really embarrassing. Nobody except the two girls next to the trash can knew about it though. So that's nice.
Once that was over, we all walked back to the apartment, said goodbye to the boys, and went and chilled in Skylars room until 2 AM. Just talking about random stuff and the bitchy girl who was standing in front of us.

I'm the pair of black vans

Best photobomb ever

The last part of my Friday consisted of me running downstairs and out of the blue asking my dad if we could go see the new X-men movie right that minute. To my surprise, he agreed to it. We left the house a few minutes later, right on time to catch the new showing. I'd love to rant about how absolutely brilliant that movie was, but that'd take up way too much space.

 Sunday was a bit less exciting.

Once I got back from the sleepover, I had to change super quickly and go straight to the movies to meet some people and my boyfriend. The original plan was to get Five Guys and go see Godzilla. However, when I got there they were eating Ben & Jerry's and turns out they had gotten the time for Godzilla wrong. I convinced them that we should see X-men instead which, after a bit, they agreed to. (One of them claimed she didn't like superhero movies. Excuse me. How?) Just as amazing the second time around. After that I got a chance to go home, eat actual food, and sleep for a bit. Eventually, I went to my boyfriends house. Originally, I had been told I was being invited to his family cook out. When I got there, they decided to make chicken and potatoes instead.
I met some grandma's, said hello to the parents, and then we spent the entire time in his room playing Portal 2 and Lego Star Wars. It was an evening well spent.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


So today was a day worth talking about.

It started off as a perfectly normal day. I sat with my 'morning gang' in the hallway in front of the library until the bell rang, I talked to my boyfriend for a few minutes on the staircase, I got to Bio and discussed the gossip of the day with Skylar, etc. Actually, the first 'out of the ordinary' thing did happen in Bio. We got to live out the high school cliche of dissecting frogs. I thought it was going to be nasty, which it totally was, but not nearly as nasty I had been imagining. I was actually the one that started sifting through froggy organs, while my partner did the worksheet. But anyways, I'm not here to talk about that.

The real excitement came when I was in English (next period). My class was all chilled out, watching Shrek, whatever, when our principal came on the intercom.
"Teachers and students, I'm going to have to ask everybody to listen very closely. Stop what you're doing and listen to me. Everyone needs to take their things and move to the football stadium. There will not be a dismissal to third period or lunch. Again, I need all students and teachers to move to the stadium with your class."
This got me excited. Also a bit confused because nobody knew what the heck was going on. But, we all went to the stadium and hung out for an hour or two in a huddle on the track. I personally was having fun just chilling with the friends I had in that class. Then, we got a second announcement. This one stated that they were going to relocate the entire student body to the middle school down the street. That's when the rumors started hardcore circulating. The main one was that we were out here because of a bomb threat. My english teacher insisted that it wasn't true. Our principal just said 'threat'.
"If they knew what exactly was going on, they would've told the teachers." she speculated.
I got onto our local news website and pulled up an article that had just been posted stating that our local police department confirmed the bomb threat. Fun stuff, right?
Luckily, my class was one of the first group of classes they dismissed to load onto a bus. Regardless, it still took another 20 minutes to half an hour. So my friends and I stood near the gate in the blazing heat trying to pass the time effectively. Once we actually got on the bus, everything was cool. The bus had pretty nice seats and air conditioning on full blast. Everyone was making bomb puns and pointing out all of the news people everywhere.
However, once we got to the middle school everything went extremely down hill. The original procedure was to get off the bus, go into this fenced in field area, make contact with whatever parent was going to come get you, and then have them check you out so you could leave. What actually went down was pure chaos.  We got off the bus and I spotted my mom and the checkout table, so I attempted to get to her but I was corralled by some middle school teachers and police. Once inside the gates, I started panicking a little. My english teacher rounded up the kids in my class that had parents already here, and tried to express to a police officer that we could leave. He sort of ignored her a bit so she left us with a teacher who was guarding the gate. He wouldn't let me leave until he 'could make eye contact with my mom'. So i desperately flagged down my mom from the crowd and he let me out. Then I had to rescue my best friend from 'The Cage' because her mom had left without her. By the time we got to the checkout table they had decided to change the plan around. One lady started yelling at the teacher at the table to move it, but luckily the teacher was my study hall teacher and my best friends math teacher. So she checked us out super quickly and we got the hell out of there.
I still have the complaints of parents and the desperate shouts of teenagers ringing in my ears.

Casually evacuating the school 

Once I got home I finally had food and then watched Bob's Burgers and fell asleep for a few hours. When I woke up I checked twitter and Instagram to see what people were saying about the whole event. #[Insert my high school name here]BombThreat2014 and #dontgointhecage were both trending throughout the student body. What a day.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Trippy Hippie Queen

Since today was a day full of anxiety and barfing boyfriends, let's talk about something completely unrelated.

Last night I was watching the Billboard Music Awards. I was only watching for the performances though, since they completely fucked up categorization and gave the R&B artist of the year to Robin Thicke. (Ew x50) But I actually did really enjoy all of the performances. I missed the first few, but my babes, 5 Seconds of Summer, killed it and Lorde did a beautiful job as usual. One performance I especially liked though, was Miley Cyrus. She sang a cover of the Beatle's classic, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. A perfect song for the girl who's been captioning her latest Instagram pictures with 'trippy hippie'. The performance was great and she killed it. Except, she had the lead singer of Flaming Lips with her and that kind of ruined it for me. I saw the Flaming Lips open for the Black Keys last summer and I just really don't like them. With the exception of their cover of Heroes by David Bowie. That was spectacular.

I just have a strange love for Miley. I watched Hannah Montana a lot when I was younger. It was also the show that got my sister through her first two years of college. I liked her music a good amount when she was going through that phase of her life as well. Party in the USA remains on my iPod to this day and I sang Can't Be Tamed a lot when I was at summer camp. But just like everyone else, I was a bit taken a back when she bleached and chopped all of her hair off, started showing her tongue a lot more, and changed her music style. Unlike a lot of people, I was perfectly alright with this. As someone who would love to bleach and chop of all my hair, just for a nice change, I look up to Miley to a certain extent. Anyone who is so fearlessly able to be themselves and speak their mind, I'll probably admire. Plus, anyone who says that they'd never twerk or sing along to crappy pop/rap music is lying.

I guess I'm just going through a bit of a Miley phase in my life at the moment. I'm in a serious need for a change. I don't think I'll chop my hair off or burst in riding on a giant hotdog, but im not against dying my hair or changing my style up a bit. I think everyone needs something like that once in a while.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday Adventures

Okay now I have to talk about yesterday.

Originally the plan was to go with some friends to shoot a video for their class project. However, one of the girls whose project it was decided to go to a skate competition with some dudes instead. So that left me, Maggie, and Matt by ourselves in outer downtown with nothing to do.

 We ended up going to the park next to our school because that's where everyone goes when they don't know what to do. Now, since it's on that cusp of spring/summer the park tends to always have a wedding going on in it on the weekends. This weekend was no different. As we were walking we passed the lovely wedding set up of the Summey couple.

The previous week, Matt and our other friend. Max, had decided to momentarily crash a wedding going on in the park. Naturally we wanted to do it again, to live up to the Wedding Crasher contact name I had given him in my phone for a day. Maggie and I weren't to keen on full on crashing somebody's wedding though. So we climbed a staircase that was connected to one of the old houses in the park and perched on the balcony that overlooked the whole wedding scene.
Since it was just setting up time, there wasn't much going on. But there was a strong breeze and their wedding signs kept falling down, so we made ourselves useful and ran down to fix it every time they blew over. We ended up meeting and talking to the bride's dad at one point because of that. Real nice man. After talking to the dad we didn't want to look to suspicious, so we went a got pizza for a bit.
That didn't take very long, so we went back to the park.
By that time the wedding had begun and we quietly took our seats on the balcony once more. We got to see the bride come down the isle and boy, her dress was beautiful. Not to big or fluffy or anything. Just right for her. Maggie and I intently watched the exchanging of vows (Matt didn't really seem to care as much). We stayed up there even after everyone had started socializing off to the side and such. Matt and I found the couples wedding website and learned a bit about them, just out of curiosity. I mean, we wanted to make sure it wasn't some dick couple's wedding we just attended and clapped for. They aren't as far as we know. They seem like a lovely couple. A few people seemed to notice us, but the only people that actually said hey to us were just people walking through the park and one groomsman. That's because I said hey to him first and he wanted to be polite. 

After a bit, people watching started to get boring and Matt was getting restless just sitting there so, we left. At first we just wandered around the area and then I decided to bring them to my favorite record store. It's a small, underground place that my dad showed me a couple weeks ago. It's run and owned by this one guy. I think his name is Kirk. He reminds me of some cool ex-hippie dad and Jonah from 30 Rock mixed together. The store literally has the biggest record collection I've ever seen. Plus some random memorabilia, dvd's and posters too. We ended up staying for around two hours and made friends with Kirk while we were there. The way he talks about music is really inspiring, especially when we asked him about Nina Simone. The way he talked about her makes it sound like they had some sort of passionate love affair at some point. It was really nice.  

George Harrison at his finest

What the actual hell


After we left Kirk and his wonderful basement of a store, we sat in front of our school and waited to be picked up. In this time, a homeless man with very few teeth came over to us and gave Maggie a single gold hoop earring. He said he found it, but had no use for and he thought a pretty girl like her would find a use for it. He showed us his earring collection (a bunch of stud/diamond earrings in a small plastic bag) and said he wore all of them, but didn't want to wear a gold hoop. Then he put them back in his backpack, along with his gatorade, and went on his way.
 We told him to have a nice day and he told us the same.

☯ A Day of Good Things ☯

I meant to post this on the day it actually happened, but I put it on my Tumblr instead.

Today was such an unexpectedly good day I feel the need to tell all you people about it.
The reason I want to start with is that I just put my iTunes on shuffle and the first thing that came on was my new favorite Black Keys song (Gotta Get Away). That's pretty rad, you should all go listen to it. Definitely a summery/road trippy song. (I put it at the end of this post)
real reasons:
First of all, I don't normally skip class. There was that one time in seventh grade, but that was a bust and we got caught and it was hilarious. This didn't really count either, but my friend and I took some chip bags from my chorus teachers closet and proceeded to leave the classroom and walk around school for no reason. It was a nice feeling just walking around the building unnoticed by anybody.

Secondly, I've started reading this book called The Museum of Intangible Things. It's a about two girls going on a crazy adventure and one has bi-polar disorder. Very interesting read. I highly recommend.

Thirdly, my math teacher ACTUALLY GAVE US NOTES IN CLASS. what? what is this? Normally he just talks the entire time and expects us not to get completely lost in all his weird mathematical doodles on the whiteboard. Maybe if he'd given us notes sooner than exam review week, I wouldn't have failed almost every quarter. Also I drew some stars and planet looking things on my fingers during class and they looked really pretty. Things like that just make me happy. 

Fourthly, after school ended I went with my boyfriend and my best dude friend and some random guy to chik-fil-a for a bit and then we drove to the science museum in downtown. Just being with those guys makes me really happy. The best part though was driving in the car. My boyfriend was driving, and we had the windows down and he was blasting rap (good rap) from the speakers and rapping along. I felt really cool wearing his aviators and having my hand out the window. 

Wise words from Jimi feat. my awkward legs

Boyfriend, Aidan, and random guy.

View of our city from the museum walkway 

Plus at the museum they have a bunch of ocean/fish related things. I absolutely love ocean/fish related things. So did Aidan (best guy friend) because he wants to be a Marine Biologist, so we just went around freaking out over all the fish and things. 

They had a submarine simulator, which wasn't really as cool as it sounds but the film on the screen was pretty cool. 

"I'd say I'm eccentric." 

Fifthly, the boyfriend drove me back to school for a theater banquet. I'm not actually in theater though. But before I started high school my cousins told me how great all the people in theater are, so when I was at my first week of school I joined drama club specifically to make friends. Weird I know. But hey, it worked. But I was a bit nervous to actually go in, because last time I went to a theater event thingy I ended up having a nervous breakdown and having an absolutely awful time. However, I walked in and sat down at one of the tables and everyone was really friendly. People I had seen but had been too shy to talk to actually introduced themselves to me and asked my name and such. So I cheered when my friends got awards and laughed when someone made a good joke and just had an all around pleasant time. Also at the banquet they preformed the latest play, which was a soap opera. It's actual school performance got cancelled because it was too raunchy. So they just preformed it for us and they were absolutely hilarious. Some stuff was improvised too, which made it even funnier. 

And that my people, is why today was a day of good things. Also it was Friday. Added bonus.

Gotta Get Away by The Black Keys

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The 1975

Last night I finally got to see The 1975 in concert. 

This was the first concert I'd gone to completely by myself. Sure, there were people from school in the audience, but not people I knew well enough to actually hang out with or make the effort to find. Despite my ever present need to throw up, I still had an amazing time. Matty came out sipping on his wine bottle and his pretty hawaiian shirt was unbuttoned by the third song. He has to be the most English person I've ever been in the same room with. He called people "love" and "darling" a lot. At one point he took a girl from the front row's phone and started taking selfie's with it. 
  "Is this your phone?" He asked her. "I'm taking it!" 
He then proceeded to take selfies and a picture of the audience. 
  "Mine!" He proclaimed and run over to the other side of the stage. "My gig, love." He giggled and then returned it to her. So cute. 

The crowd had their phones out almost the entire time, but I'm not going to criticize since I was one of them. I did put it away after a bit though, but I also got some great videos (and pictures). I feel like a lot of their songs would do really well on movie soundtracks. 
Since I got there pretty late I didn't get to meet the band. Honestly I'm not too upset. I've found that if they come to a location once, they'll be back. I can't wait for that day. Hopefully it won't be like the venue guy said. Some girls asked him when the band would be back and he said 
  "Oh, they'll be back in 2075." 
He thought he was funny. 

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