Saturday, October 17, 2015

Spook Sqaud

My friends and I recently shot did a photoshoot for my friend Ellie's IB art project (she's also submiting it to Rookie Mag!). Here are some shots of my own I managed to sneak in.

A message from me to you:

Dispite the cold and rainy day, being a model was lots of fun :) 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

"I'm not sad I'm just feelin' some typa way"

I'm made up of patched up emotion and bits of nostalgia

and he's mad because I made him feel bad but I'm glad because I wanted him to feel bad

and nothing feels the same as it did last year

One day I'll look back at this and curse myself for being pretentious

but I confuse preteniousness with expressing how I feel

and no one ever really asks me how I feel

The pressure was getting to me and eating away

but I have a dream and I know what I want

and nobody should be able to rip that away from me

Rejection to me is like when you're listening to music and then someone yanks your headphones out

it goes from sweet tunes to uncomfortable silence real quick

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Magically Delicious

I have this little picture of Jimi Hendrix on my nightstand that I like to think watches over me and I just want to thank him for the good vibes today. It's kinda like Ilana on Broad City with her Lil' Wayne picture that's taped to her computer.

Anyways, July has been a bit of a drag for me. There have definitely been some highlights, but overall I just want it to be August. August means Disney World with my sister, a weekend D.C. trip, and school starting again. I'm one of those gross nerds that loves school.

One of the highlights of the month was this little art fair I went to yesterday. There's one every month and it's basically a bunch of local busniesses pitch up tents in a parking lot and sell their stuff. There were vintage clothing stores, little knick-knack shops, food trucks, and my favorite record store had a tent as well! Speaking of my favorite record store: while I was busy raiding their tent at the art fair the actual store got a celebrity visitor.

Billy mother-freaking Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins WAS AT MY FAVORITE RECORD STORE WHAT. (That's the owner, Kirk, on the left and Billy Corgan on the left) I can't believe that. 

At the art fair, I bought 4 CD's (Led Zeppelin II, The Cure's 'Galore', Creedance Clearwater Revival: 20 Greatest Hits, and The Beatles' 'Let It Be') all for about $14 and then a little pin that says "Somebody's got a case of the Monday's" for $2. I didn't know what that quote was from until the cashier told me and then he had a little giggle fit over it. (It's from a movie called Office Space) 

After hitting up the record tent, I topped off my art fair experience with some Lucky Charms ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, it was the best thing ever. There's this ice cream company owned by literally the nicest couple ever and the flavors are all so weird. Besides Lucky Charms flavor, they also had Moravian Sugar Cookie, Mini-Donut, Butterschotch Haystack, etc. It was so delicious. 

From the art fair, I walked down the street to Bruegger's Bagel's for lunch. I'm a little bit obsessed with Bruegger's Bagel's. Mainly because at the camp I worked at back in June, lunch for counselors was entirely provided by the campers parents and everyday they brought us mass amounts of Bruegger's. So basically all I ate that week was bagel's (and doughnut's. They also brought us mass amounts of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin's on the last day). So yeah, I got accustomed to a Bruegger's lifestyle. I enjoyed a lovely lunch there, and one of the workers told me about her suspicions that this particular Bruegger's was haunted. That just made me want to come to that location more often. 
The rest of the day was just walking around the area and then going home and sleeping. 

All in all it was really nice and I really just want more Lucky Charms ice cream. 

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stand By Me

On Tuesday, I made a spontanteous decision to meet up with some wonderful friends downtown. In my mind, I felt like I hadn't left the house in a week, so even the slightest premonition of adventure had me sprinting. We met by the capitol building and headed to our favorite coffee place first. We claimed a corner and made some art (Jeremiah and Chelsie had brought along their watercolors) while jamming to the Pink Floyd that one of the barista's put on. Eventually though, we did get tried of that, so once the sun began to set we set off on an urban trek. 

We did some rooftop trespassing 

shoe game strong 

From the roof, we walked down to the train tracks. 

That morning, I had watched the movie Stand By Me for the first time. So naturally, I was really excited when we were following the train tracks. I got my own little Stand By Me moment, but with less 12 year olds and dead bodies. (if that didn't make you want to go watch Stand By Me, I don't know what will.) (You should though. It's a fantastic movie.)

I hope everyone's having a good summer so far!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A silent golden bald eagle flying through the sky

This past weekend, my family decided to take a short trip to our favorite beach. For me, it ended up being a much needed break. Nothing like the sun and the waves to clear one's head.

The day we got there, we grabbed some dinner at some local Italian joint and then headed down to the pier to watch fireworks! (I should've mentioned we got there on July 4th) When we got dinner, the restaurant was showing coverage of the national hot dog eating contest. I don't understand why a restaurant would choose to show that because it made finishing my food so much harder. Of all the things that could be on TV though, that was probably the most American thing.

Just like in most situations, I spent some of the fireworks show people watching. Some of my favorites were 
  1. The group of drunk guys behind me yelling about freedom and and doing the USA chant
  2. The Muslim woman in front of me that was having the time of her life and at one point looked at her friend and shouted "I LOVE AMERICA." 
  3. The punk guy standing next to me. He didn't do anything that interesting, I just really loved his mohawk. 

The title is something I legitimately heard some guy next to me tell his girlfriend. "Just picture a silent, golden bald eagle flying through the sky." Beautiful.  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Would You Give Me a Beat?

Current feeling: King Krule meets Beach Fossils. Not necessarily sadness, because I don't feel all that sad, but more like foggy. Think late night walks and Palo Alto. Lost in Translation. Lying in bed with Jack Kilmer.
That last one has nothing to do with how I feel, I just like thinking about it.
Summer hasn't done much for me so far except render me nearly nocturnal. Binge watching Broad City and Orange is the New Black probably hasn't been helping, but that's something I'm willing to live with.

I've been listening to these two playlists lately. 

1. Lost in Translation still
2-4. Palo Alto stills
5. from The Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins
6. King Krule promo 

Title from The Bells // Lowell 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

*Robert Plant moaning*

Monday night I got to see Robert Plant in concert. It was kind of amazing. And by kind of, I mean it was fucking amazing. Everything about the concert was amazing. Aside from the fact I WAS LOOKING ROBERT PLANT IN THE FACE, the venue was sort of in the middle of a small forest, right next to a gorgeous lake. So naturally, it was perfect. Then, the crowd was excellent as well. We had a 60 year old ex-hippie doing these spiritual dance moves to the left and some older couple that probably met at a Zeppelin concert in '73 sucking face behind us the whole time. Just glorious. Not to mention the drunk guy we ran into on our way out, who made sure we knew that
"this town sucks, man. They were supposed to go on until 11, man. What a bunch of yuppies, man."
Also, the band that opened for Robert Plant was the PIXIES. So yeah. It was pretty cool. Lots of rocking out and screaming my proclamations of love for Robert Plant occurred.

Afterwards, we got milkshakes from Cook-Out and watched Pink Floyd The Wall.
Well, I did. The other two passed out before the movie even got going. Oh well. More weird dreams for me.

Ava and Gavin waiting for Robert Plant

Ava & her lighter during the BB King tribute

Robert Plant you beautiful man

Such a good concert wow 

Sidenote: I'm totally naming my future punk band, The Yuppies.
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