Thursday, June 18, 2015

*Robert Plant moaning*

Monday night I got to see Robert Plant in concert. It was kind of amazing. And by kind of, I mean it was fucking amazing. Everything about the concert was amazing. Aside from the fact I WAS LOOKING ROBERT PLANT IN THE FACE, the venue was sort of in the middle of a small forest, right next to a gorgeous lake. So naturally, it was perfect. Then, the crowd was excellent as well. We had a 60 year old ex-hippie doing these spiritual dance moves to the left and some older couple that probably met at a Zeppelin concert in '73 sucking face behind us the whole time. Just glorious. Not to mention the drunk guy we ran into on our way out, who made sure we knew that
"this town sucks, man. They were supposed to go on until 11, man. What a bunch of yuppies, man."
Also, the band that opened for Robert Plant was the PIXIES. So yeah. It was pretty cool. Lots of rocking out and screaming my proclamations of love for Robert Plant occurred.

Afterwards, we got milkshakes from Cook-Out and watched Pink Floyd The Wall.
Well, I did. The other two passed out before the movie even got going. Oh well. More weird dreams for me.

Ava and Gavin waiting for Robert Plant

Ava & her lighter during the BB King tribute

Robert Plant you beautiful man

Such a good concert wow 

Sidenote: I'm totally naming my future punk band, The Yuppies.


  1. YOU SAW ROBERT PLANT!!!!!! That sounds too fucking amazing to comprehend... I'm too jealous!!!!! I hope he comes to Michigan because wow..

    1. I sincerely hope you get to see him at some point, cause he is still amazing live. Pretty sure I'm still in shock tbh haha


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