Monday, June 8, 2015

Rose Tint My World

Summer vacation only started four days ago, but it's already started off the way I hoped it would.

June 3rd:
"I want you to be part of our friend group. Like badly." She pointed out to me from the parking deck of Starbucks. "Alright." I responded nonchalantly. I didn't want it to be obvious how awesome it felt to be wanted. Fast forward to the 3rd and I'm wandering her apartment complex in search of 206.
Once everyone who was invited arrived, there were 6 of us total, including her brother. I wasn't sure what to expect from the night, but I enjoyed what I got. What I got was two large pizzas with an order of cinnamon knots on the side, which we enjoyed while watching the same episode of Double Diva's twice, a few episodes of Bob's Burger's, and who knows how many episodes of Bill Nye. If I recall correctly, Bill Nye isn't as fun to watch drunk as I expected. Although, I wasn't really drunk (because Sangria is gross, who would do that to themselves?). Two of us were though and that made for an interesting round of Never Have I Ever later on. I wanted her brother to know he wasn't as unlikable as his self-deprecating jokes would have it seem. After singing along to some Bo Burnham videos, we all passed out in whatever location we were in. In the morning, I ate way too many powdered doughnuts and went home feeling very satisfied.

Pictures from the Young Feminists end of year party:
(we had to come dressed as our favorite feminist)

Brinn as Amelia Earhart

Hunter as Tavi Gevinson

Yours truly as Agent Carter

June 5th:
"I want to do something tonight. Like badly." She texted me as the sun was going down.
At 10:00 pm exactly I found myself back at 206. Except this time I didn't have any trouble finding it. Tonight was Rocky Horror round 2 and I was ready. She was frantically trying to do her makeup despite the lack of lighting her new bathroom had. I ended up doing it for her. The other one was in the kitchen attempting to lace up her corset with the string I brought her. Once 10:30 hit, they each downed some of the previous nights Sangria and we went on our way. In the car the music blasted and everyone smoked with the windows rolled down. We got there by 11 and were promptly caught up on the latest drama in the Rocky community. The audience felt smaller than usual, but I think that's just because most of our friends were in the show this time. Of course we sang along to all of the songs, did the Time Warp, yelled the funny one liners, and watched while everyone threw things (I was still getting rice out of my bra and shoes when I got home..). The crowning jewel though, was that this was Matt's first time playing Rocky. Seeing his skinny white boy frame in those gold spandex underpants was a sight to behold. I don't know if round 2 was better than the first time, but it certainly met expectations. It was awesome.

(I have pictures of my friends in the show but I don't think Matt wants pictures of him in a corset on the internet)

 (title from the Rocky Horror song of the same name)


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