Monday, June 1, 2015

Bleeding Our Colors

Every year, the local Alt. Rock station in the area puts on a free concert for everyone. This year the band was Cold War Kids. 

When I say this was one of the most satisfying concert experiences ever, I'm being dead serious. 

I'm talking crowd surfers up at least 3 at a time, beach balls being passed around at all corners, body oder and sweat to the max, every teenager in town all drinking and smoking in the same area, and everyone using up every possible bit of energy in them. 

At one point my friend Mason grabbed my hand and led me through the mass of people up to the very front of the pit. With all the people up against me, plus the music and the lights, I feel like I got a real indie movie moment. 

I only had one negative experience that night, which involved a college age looking guy who was dancing next to me. He kept asking if I wanted to go up to crowd surf and I said no. We had this exchange at least 5 times plus some attempt at flirtation until I had to be like "lol no please stop touching me." But BESIDES THAT 10/10 night holy crap I can't wait for next year. 

I totally forgot to mention how awesome the band was too. I knew maybe two songs by CWK going in, but wow they are an awesome band. I recommend Hang Me Up To Dry (that's their most mainstream one) and Hospital Beds (seems to be a hardcore favorite among fans). There was one guy screaming for them to play Hospital Beds like it was the next Freebird.  

Title from Hang Me Up to Dry


  1. This looks like such a crazy fun experience! x


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