Saturday, April 25, 2015

So no one told you life was gonna be this way *clapclapclapclap*

My beautiful friend Hunter is a contributor over at Rookie Mag and this past Saturday me and my friends got to be featured in her photo diary! While she was off getting cool, artsy shots for Rookie, I snapped some pictures of my own.  

We all ran through the pouring rain to an empty parking deck and ate dinner underneath its cover. Those of us who didn't mind the rain explored the outside deck and took turns on Hunter's bike. 

The rain didn't last long once we got there. In my opinion, it made everything look really pretty and very aesthetic. 

This rainy parking deck was seriously one of the most beautiful place I've ever been. I highly recommend 10/10 go hang out on top of your nearest public parking deck. (make sure it's empty though)

After the photo taking came to an end, we bought some candy from our favorite downtown convenience store and wandered around looking for something to do now that the sun had gone down. We ended up meeting up with another friend and attempting to sneak into a gay bar. As none of us had an ID, it didn't really work out. But that's okay because the lighting out front was really pretty as always. 

Hat // PacSun (similar here)
Dress // thrifted (originally Gap according to the tag)
Boots // BooHoo (similar here)
Backpack // Target 
Socks // a gift from Hunter

Monday, April 20, 2015

Good vibrations and our imaginations

Sunday afternoon we watched our friends' gig in the usual cafe and then set out in search of a mini adventure. 

I don't know if I've just been more observant lately or what, but the street art downtown is becoming more and more beautiful. 

Once spring hits, the city's inchworm population goes berserk. On school grounds and downtown is where I find them most. Covering the telephone poles and hanging from trees. We sometimes keep them as temporary pets. One of my friends named hers Huke Lemmings (lol get it instead of Luke Hemmings?) and brought it to dress rehearsal with her. 

Not much to say as of late, but this was a really lovely and relaxing day. Hanging out with some new faces was a nice break. 

title from the song Creeque Alley // The Mama's and the Papa's 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

You're so Healthy, I'm so Junk

I've gotten so bad about writing and not just on here but in general. My life has picked up so much lately I haven't gotten any time to rest. I still don't technically. I should be studying for a French quiz right now. I've got so much to talk about though.  April hit and suddenly I'm doing jobs for people and going to parties and helping out friends and doing schoolwork in double time! Somebody help me.

So, while I FINALLY get some sleep, here's a wrap up of how March went for me:

Perfect Skin // Peace

Head On/Pill // King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard

Black Out Days // Phantogram

Friday, April 3, 2015

You know, girly stuff

There's nothing I love more than sunny days. As someone who's emotions mostly depend on the vibes happening around me, sunny days are much more preferable than gray and rainy days.

Today I present to you some of my new found favorite things:

1. Mac DeMarco

I'd heard of Mac DeMarco before from various friends and music websites, but with me it usually takes a few tries before I really start to like something.

My favorite song so far from Mac has been Salad Days from the album Salad Days. It's such a chill, easy going song. It's the kind of song where you're just sitting around with friends and you're all moving your heads along with the beat. NPR writer, Daniel Levin Becker, describes the Salad Days album as "sun-dappled". I think he was pretty spot on about that.
Another favorite is Ode to Viceroy off the album Mac DeMarco 2. Also a pretty chill tune, this one gives me a very "lazy morning" vibe. The entire song is about Mac's love for Viceroy cigarettes. As much as I hate cigarettes I have no problem singing along to this.
Some other Mac DeMarco songs I urge you to listen to are Let Her Stay, Goodbye to the Weekend, and Freaking Out the Neighborhood. If you like some laid-back, but cleverly written tunes, then this is the musician for you.

2. Yes Please by Amy Poehler

Yes Please is Amy Poehler's first book and autobiography. I literally finished reading it about 15 minutes ago and I am so glad I read it. I'm not sure how appealing a read it would be if you're not a huge Amy Poehler fan, but saying as it's an excellent book packed with lots of good life advice, I recommend it regardless. In the book, Amy talks at length about her childhood, her time spent in Chicago and New York, Saturday Night Live, Parks and Recreation, her friends and co-workers, her trip to Haiti, and other life experiences. It really was a satisfying read and I feel like I learned a lot not just about the wonder that is Amy Poehler, but also life in general.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Yes I realize how late I am on this.
I am equally in love and in hate with this show. It's so cliche and the dialogue is literally so cringe worthy, but I love it so much. I finished watching the first episode and I thought to myself "oh my god why did I watch that." and then proceeded to watch three more episodes. I don't even think I have to recommend this to anyone seeing as it's already a classic. I just needed to express my love for it some how. Buffy's fashion sense makes me want to raid her closet pronto and I'm not sure what Angel's purpose is yet but I just want to stare into his mysterious, bad boy eyes forever. As for Willow and Xander, I think they're adorable and want to hug them for all eternity. Anyone else feel me on that?

Those have been my obsessions as of late, so if you haven't experienced any of these for yourself I honestly don't know what you're waiting for.
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