Sunday, June 21, 2015

Would You Give Me a Beat?

Current feeling: King Krule meets Beach Fossils. Not necessarily sadness, because I don't feel all that sad, but more like foggy. Think late night walks and Palo Alto. Lost in Translation. Lying in bed with Jack Kilmer.
That last one has nothing to do with how I feel, I just like thinking about it.
Summer hasn't done much for me so far except render me nearly nocturnal. Binge watching Broad City and Orange is the New Black probably hasn't been helping, but that's something I'm willing to live with.

I've been listening to these two playlists lately. 

1. Lost in Translation still
2-4. Palo Alto stills
5. from The Teenage Gaze by Petra Collins
6. King Krule promo 

Title from The Bells // Lowell 


  1. Yes to Orange is the New Black. I finished the entire season way too quickly and I'm sad now. Lost in Translation is a great movie x

    1. I definitly feel you on that. Still on the hunt for a show to fill that emotional gap <3

  2. I always feel like laying in bed with jack kilmer. (wow that hair) but also I feel you on how you feel. I've been down, foggy, weird feelin the past few days which hasn't quite translated properly into the whole "summer vibes" thing. Love that you listen to beach fossils though, I don't know a whole bunch who do. <3

    1. Glad to hear someone is feeling the same way. Yeah, two of my friends introduced them to me and I am forever grateful!


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