Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A silent golden bald eagle flying through the sky

This past weekend, my family decided to take a short trip to our favorite beach. For me, it ended up being a much needed break. Nothing like the sun and the waves to clear one's head.

The day we got there, we grabbed some dinner at some local Italian joint and then headed down to the pier to watch fireworks! (I should've mentioned we got there on July 4th) When we got dinner, the restaurant was showing coverage of the national hot dog eating contest. I don't understand why a restaurant would choose to show that because it made finishing my food so much harder. Of all the things that could be on TV though, that was probably the most American thing.

Just like in most situations, I spent some of the fireworks show people watching. Some of my favorites were 
  1. The group of drunk guys behind me yelling about freedom and and doing the USA chant
  2. The Muslim woman in front of me that was having the time of her life and at one point looked at her friend and shouted "I LOVE AMERICA." 
  3. The punk guy standing next to me. He didn't do anything that interesting, I just really loved his mohawk. 

The title is something I legitimately heard some guy next to me tell his girlfriend. "Just picture a silent, golden bald eagle flying through the sky." Beautiful.  


  1. hahah love your shots and the title! it really adds something to it



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