Thursday, July 9, 2015

Stand By Me

On Tuesday, I made a spontanteous decision to meet up with some wonderful friends downtown. In my mind, I felt like I hadn't left the house in a week, so even the slightest premonition of adventure had me sprinting. We met by the capitol building and headed to our favorite coffee place first. We claimed a corner and made some art (Jeremiah and Chelsie had brought along their watercolors) while jamming to the Pink Floyd that one of the barista's put on. Eventually though, we did get tried of that, so once the sun began to set we set off on an urban trek. 

We did some rooftop trespassing 

shoe game strong 

From the roof, we walked down to the train tracks. 

That morning, I had watched the movie Stand By Me for the first time. So naturally, I was really excited when we were following the train tracks. I got my own little Stand By Me moment, but with less 12 year olds and dead bodies. (if that didn't make you want to go watch Stand By Me, I don't know what will.) (You should though. It's a fantastic movie.)

I hope everyone's having a good summer so far!


  1. seems like the best adventure ever ahh!

  2. Always love your photos! I think it's so cool how you and your friends frequent rooftops, seems like such a magical day <3

  3. I've alwayysss wanted to walk down a railway track !!! stand by me is YES, I love it so much- your day sounds beaut xx


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