Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Magically Delicious

I have this little picture of Jimi Hendrix on my nightstand that I like to think watches over me and I just want to thank him for the good vibes today. It's kinda like Ilana on Broad City with her Lil' Wayne picture that's taped to her computer.

Anyways, July has been a bit of a drag for me. There have definitely been some highlights, but overall I just want it to be August. August means Disney World with my sister, a weekend D.C. trip, and school starting again. I'm one of those gross nerds that loves school.

One of the highlights of the month was this little art fair I went to yesterday. There's one every month and it's basically a bunch of local busniesses pitch up tents in a parking lot and sell their stuff. There were vintage clothing stores, little knick-knack shops, food trucks, and my favorite record store had a tent as well! Speaking of my favorite record store: while I was busy raiding their tent at the art fair the actual store got a celebrity visitor.

Billy mother-freaking Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins WAS AT MY FAVORITE RECORD STORE WHAT. (That's the owner, Kirk, on the left and Billy Corgan on the left) I can't believe that. 

At the art fair, I bought 4 CD's (Led Zeppelin II, The Cure's 'Galore', Creedance Clearwater Revival: 20 Greatest Hits, and The Beatles' 'Let It Be') all for about $14 and then a little pin that says "Somebody's got a case of the Monday's" for $2. I didn't know what that quote was from until the cashier told me and then he had a little giggle fit over it. (It's from a movie called Office Space) 

After hitting up the record tent, I topped off my art fair experience with some Lucky Charms ice cream. Yes, you read that correctly and yes, it was the best thing ever. There's this ice cream company owned by literally the nicest couple ever and the flavors are all so weird. Besides Lucky Charms flavor, they also had Moravian Sugar Cookie, Mini-Donut, Butterschotch Haystack, etc. It was so delicious. 

From the art fair, I walked down the street to Bruegger's Bagel's for lunch. I'm a little bit obsessed with Bruegger's Bagel's. Mainly because at the camp I worked at back in June, lunch for counselors was entirely provided by the campers parents and everyday they brought us mass amounts of Bruegger's. So basically all I ate that week was bagel's (and doughnut's. They also brought us mass amounts of Krispy Kreme and Dunkin's on the last day). So yeah, I got accustomed to a Bruegger's lifestyle. I enjoyed a lovely lunch there, and one of the workers told me about her suspicions that this particular Bruegger's was haunted. That just made me want to come to that location more often. 
The rest of the day was just walking around the area and then going home and sleeping. 

All in all it was really nice and I really just want more Lucky Charms ice cream. 


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